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What I do instead of having a life

Hi this is my blog that i rage on when neopets fucks me over. I have been playing neo for like 9 years on and off In real life i'm 19 and a sophomore in college. I'm in a sorority and i love it and can talk about it forever. I want to be your neofriend. ask me off anon for my UN


i remember when i was like 11 someone pounded the strawberry poogle pretty_pop_2001 and my friend had told me about it but i adopted it quicker than her and she was literally so pissed at me like SO MAD like she wouldnt talk to me for a week. anyway. before transfering and whatnot i used to pound lend her because she had an aged snowbunny and it was fine and then one time i lost her and i was so heartbroken and ugh cry. i still miss her sometimes but i could easily get a strawbery poogle now.

the end.

so i was curious and did poogle…..oh….